new home trends 2015

New Home Trends 2015

Home builders must keep up with demands of potential buyers. New home trends 2015 focus on usability and access of indoor spaces. Therefore, builders must learn to be more creative in design, to attract both younger and older buyers.

One of the biggest trends is the need for space that serves multiple functions. Home office space is still wildly popular. But, using the same space for crafts, as an art studio, and as a library requires more careful planning. Recessed shelving and storage are additional features that may sell a house with home office space.

Accessibility is an issue for many baby boomers and their parents. Older adults are beginning to plan for retirement, by considering single story homes and the ability to add a wheelchair ramp. Homes with safety bars in the bathroom and wider hallways or entries are selling points for older adults, or those who are caring for aging parents.

Open concept remains a popular feature buyers looking at new construction or existing homes. An open floor plan that allows home owners to cook and prepare meals, while remaining engaged with other family members or guests, is a selling feature most buyers want in a home. This goes for younger and older families. Younger families want to be able to keep an eye on the kids as they go about preparing meals or cleaning the kitchen.

Nooks and special areas for doing laundry and for placing keys and small items are in demand. Open floor plans provide the needed access to friends and family. But, laundry nooks strategically located just off the kitchen or in the master bedroom are becoming more desirable to aging adults and those who are busy with their families. Small places to hang keys and other regularly used items must not interrupt the flow of an open floor plan, but must be close enough for items to be grabbed on the way out the door.

Large pantries for food storage are increasingly popular, as many Americans want to be ready for any type of disaster. Locating the pantry off the kitchen, or between the kitchen and the garage, makes it convenient for adults who buy in bulk and want to store multiples of the same item. Good lighting is a must for pantries or food storage areas.

Garages for cars and other recreation equipment are highly sought after. Homeowners may not have large SUVs, but they do have equipment such as four wheelers, jet skis, small fishing boats, golf carts, and riding lawn mowers. The extra space in the garage is necessary for storing these items. In addition, some families are turning a portion of the garage into a makeshift man-cave, with tv, sofa, and a comfortable area to watch the game or relax after a long day.

Families with multiple generations may also look for in-law suites or finished basements with potential to become separate living space, to house aging parents when they no longer are able to completely care for themselves. A separate wing of the home may also be suitable as an in-law suite, as long as it has its own bathroom facilities. Additional cooking space may or may not be desirable, depending on the family.

These are some of the most popular new home trends 2015. Every family is different and additional features may be desirable, depending on lifestyle. For some families, attractive outdoor entertaining spaces or a large yard for kids may also be on the list. Homes that make better use of space can feel larger than homes with more square footage. This is a plus for families considering the movement to downsizing.