Backyard Pond excavating

Simple Steps for Creating Beautiful Backyard Ponds

Backyard ponds can be easy to plan and excavate, and – with a little imagination – they can be made to look like a natural feature of a landscape. The only additional material you may need for a basic design, aside from a shovel, water, and some muscle power, is a pre-formed or flexible liner and a pump, if you plan on adding a fountain effect.

Begin by choosing a site that makes sense in terms of the overall layout of your landscape. Are there areas where water naturally collects after a rain shower? Digging your pond in such a place can solve poor soil drainage problems while at the same time alleviating your need to manually fill your pond as often – or at all. You can even utilize rainwater by channeling it from your roof gutters down the spout and into a low-lying part of your yard where you’ve dug your pond, thus keeping it naturally filled throughout much of the year. Consider also the presence of trees in the area. Falling leaves can be a boon to a mini ecosystem if you plan on utilizing your pond as a habitat for amphibians. But they can be nuisances if you’re envisioning, instead, a pristine and quiet water garden. Finally, make sure that you aren’t planning on digging over any water or power lines.

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keeping an old house warm

5 Tips for Keeping an Old House Warm in the Winter

Older homes rarely score well when it comes to energy efficiency. A lack of double-glazing and wall insulation tends to make them draughty and uncomfortable places to spend the winter months, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on home improvement to make it cosier. Expensive modifications and upgrades that improve the energy efficiency of your home might also detract from its character. After all, historic homes were built using very different construction methods to those used today. Nonetheless, older homes can be made significantly more energy-efficient using some cheap and simple DIY techniques, such as the following:

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new home trends 2015

New Home Trends 2015

Home builders must keep up with demands of potential buyers. New home trends 2015 focus on usability and access of indoor spaces. Therefore, builders must learn to be more creative in design, to attract both younger and older buyers.

One of the biggest trends is the need for space that serves multiple functions. Home office space is still wildly popular. But, using the same space for crafts, as an art studio, and as a library requires more careful planning. Recessed shelving and storage are additional features that may sell a house with home office space.

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